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                来源:成都家教网 日期:2019/12/17

                251.in no case 绝不, 在任何情形下都不


                252.in any case 无论如何


                253.in this/that case 在这种/那种情况下


                254.pay in cash/by credit card 用现金/信用卡支付


                255.cast a net撒网


                256.cast/throw a shadow over投下一片阴影


                257.be caught on the spot 当场被抓到


                258.be caught in the rain 淋雨


                259.catch sb. Doing sth 逮到某人做某事


                260.catch a cold感冒


                261.catch fire 着火


                262.catch up with追上,赶上


                263.catch sb by the arm抓住某人的手臂


                264.catch one's eye引起某人的注意


                265.cause sb. to do 使某人做某事


                266.the cause of sth....的起因


                267.cause and effect因果


                268.the cause of education/revolution教育/革命事业


                269.cease doing 停止做某事


                270.on the ceiling在天花板上


                271.at a (closing/opening)ceremony/on a ceremony occasion 在(开/闭)仪式上


                272.be certain/sure to do 肯定做某事


                273.be certain/sure of/about (doing )sth 对…有把握


                274.It is certain that… 肯定会


                275.for certain 必定


                276.a chain of reaction 连锁反应


                277.accept the challenge接受挑战


                278.win a championship赢得冠军称号


                279.do sth by chance碰巧


                280.There is little chance/possibility of doing sth




                281.Chances are that=It is likel that cl.很有可能会...


                282.change for the better变得更好


                283.change buses /trains for换车/火车到...去


                284.charge sb with sth指控...犯..罪


                285.charge sb money for sth为...向某人要价/收费多少


                286.free of charge免费


                287.be in charge of负责,掌管某人


                288.be in the charge of sb由某人负责


                289.chat with和..聊天


                290.check in住店登记/check out 结帐离开


                291.cheer up使高兴起来/使振作起来


                292.editor-in-chief=chief editor主编、chief engineer/judge 主工程师/审判长


                293.at Christmas在圣诞节


                294.on Christmas Eve在平安夜


                295.go to church去教堂


                296.in /under no circumstances决不,无论如何也不


                297.civil rights.公民权, 民权


                298.a civil war内战


                299.civil law/civil duties 民法/公民的义务


                300.claim to be 宣称是