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                来源:成都家教网 日期:2020/2/29
                Dear editor:
                I am a senior three student. I am writing to tell you my opinion on whether middle school students can use mobile phones to go to school. I think they can do it. Because students can keep in touch with friends and family no matter where they are. In addition, mobile phones are also a way of entertainment.
                However, each coin has two sides. There are some problems with using the mobile phone. The ring of the telephone will disturb the teachers and students in the classroom. Another student thinks that some students spend too much time and money on making phone calls and sending messages.
                Finally, I suggest students not to use the telephone in the classroom. Moreover, because it is very expensive, the owner should take good care of it. Do you agree with me?
                Yours sincerely,
                Li Hua